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Committed to Providing Construction Services Since 1986

Contempora Construction Inc’s Corporate Profile

Legal name: Contempora Construction Inc

Address: 1614 32nd Street S.W, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Length of time in business: 34 years


Owners of Contempora Construction

Jim Schmidt: Co-owner (President)

Brad Braaten: Co-owner (Secretary/Treasurer)

exterior view of medicine hat fire department with company truck

Contempora Construction Inc was incorporated in 1986 and is run by Jim Schmidt in partnership with Brad Braaten. We serve Medicine Hat and the surrounding areas. During the initial years, Contempora Construction Inc worked on both residential and commercial construction projects. However, the company moved away from custom housing in the early ’90s to specialize in commercial and industrial construction. Since then, we have been working on various small to large-scale projects for businesses and public organizations in Medicine Hat and the surrounding areas. 

As the demand grew over the years, so did the complexity of building designs, and this provided us with the experience and knowledge to construct special builds. We specialize in steel and pre-engineered steel buildings with the functional use of a garage/shop and office facilities. 

Our main office and only headquarters have always stayed in the city that has provided us with much success. It is now located in the Light Industrial Park at 1614 32nd Street SW.

Why Choose Us?

Experience: All of our employees have over three decades of experience. Our construction experience has played a big role in our success, and we have the utmost confidence in excelling in project completion.

Problem-solving skills: We are willing to work with the end-user and solve unforeseen problems that arise during projects. 

Organization: Our team members are the organization’s foundation. Our highly experienced carpenters are responsible for all millwork and finishes. Further, our superintendents have extensive knowledge of all trades and provide continuous support in project execution.

Attention to detail: At Contempora Construction Inc, we treat every project we work on with the same attitude. We believe that it takes a team working together to complete a project, and that’s why we take the opinion of everyone and ensure you get the best service. 

Contempora Construction Inc’s Safety, QA/QC and Environmental Policies


Contempora Construction Inc is ACSA COR certified and has a comprehensive safety management system in place. We are committed to a Health and Safety program that protects our staff, other workers, and the general public that are directly involved in our daily activities.

Employees at every level are responsible and accountable for the company's health and safety performance. Active participation in the program by all personnel is to be encouraged and is necessary for its success.

Management is to set an example and provide leadership in the health and safety program. Management will set a health and safety policy and work procedures and provide proper equipment and training. Employees are responsible for following all procedures, working with an awareness of health and safety and cooperating in working towards improved health and safety conditions at work.

Management and workers at every level must be familiar with the requirements of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation as it relates to their work processes.

The goal of our Health and Safety Program is to provide a healthy, injury-free workplace for all employees, sub-trades and visitors to our worksites. With all parties participating in the program, we can achieve this goal together.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program

Contempora Construction Inc prides itself on having the highest quality product. We achieve this with our hands-on approach to construction. We believe the product quality is not achieved with high-end software or supervision from a distance. It is achieved through the constant presence of highly experienced team members. We trust and know our onsite team members are vigilant, knowledgeable and highly-skilled to assure expectations are surpassed. On our sites, we employ Contempora Construction Inc’s culture with our sub-trades as we encourage everyone to do what is right and use the best methods available. At the end of the day, we are all building together as a team.


Environmental Management is integral to the operations of Contempora Construction Inc. Our Environmental Plan is in place to address potential environmental impacts that may be a concern when construction takes place.

Our plan covers things such as - responsibilities of all employees and sub-contractors, spill and emergency response, record keeping, waste handling and disposal, and training. 

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